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Dr Ravi Kumar

Dr. C. P. Ravi Kumar is a Pediatric Neurologist and a speaker on environmental impact on child development.


Dr. C. P. Ravi Kumar received his post graduate training in Paediatrics (Child health) from Royal College of Paediatrics, United Kingdom. During this training he attended some of the most renowned neurology centres in London, including the Evelina London Children’s Hospital (Guys and St. Thomas Hospital), St George's Hospital and National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy (now called Young Epilepsy).

Dr. C. P. Ravi Kumar has a combination of post graduate training in Paediatrics with interest in Childhood Epilepsy, certified from General Medical Council of United Kingdom and Training in Paediatric Neurology from Evelina London Children's Hospital.


He underwent training in interpreting EEG's (study of electrical activity of the brain) at University Hospital, Cleveland, USA under Professor Hans Lüders.

Dr. C. P. Ravi Kumar returned to India with a vision to set up a comprehensive Child Neuro-care Centre, where children with neurological or developmental issues can be addressed holistically.


Dr. C. P. Ravi Kumar is a faculty member for British Paediatric Neurology Association (BPNA) and teaches on Paediatric Epilepsy training and Childhood Headache training programmes. He is also a faculty member of Association of Child Neurology (an association of Paediatricians, neurologists, Paediatric neurologists, behavioral Paediatricians, child psychologists, and allied professionals)

In addition to his clinical work, Dr. C. P. Ravi Kumar works with organisations in highlighting and educating environmental issues that are having an impact on a childs development. He has given talks to general public on impact of digital media and noise on a child’s development.



Childhood Epilepsy, Epilepsy management including Ketogenic diet and Vagal Nerve Stimulation, Neurological problems, Developmental delay, Childhood Headache, Autism, ADHD.


Education, Post-Graduation and Work

Dr. C. P. Ravi Kumar graduated with an MBBS from Bangalore University in 2000. He started his paediatric training in the United Kingdom (2003) with London Deanery. He completed his 8 year training programme with Specialist interest in paediatric epilepsy.


He started to work as a Consultant in Paediatrics with interest in Epilepsy at Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital, Brighton, fondly called “The Alex”. While at The Alex, Dr. C. P. Ravi Kumar was supervising and training medical graduates from Brighton and Sussex Medical College.


He returned to London in 2014, to work as a fellow in Paediatric Complex Epilepsy and Paediatric Neurology at Evelina London Children’s Hospital.

In 2016, Dr. C. P. Ravi Kumar underwent EEG training at University Hospital in Cleveland.


Dr. C. P. Ravi Kumar returned to India in 2016, with the vision of developing an integrated child centre where child neurologist and developmental paediatricians can work with allied therapists such as Speech and Language therapists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and an Educational psychologist to assist every disabled to be “The - abled”.



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